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Pictures with Canon EOS 40D + EF-S 10-22mm ou EF 24-105mm L (or Canon PS G9 before 2009), hand-held or helped by monopod

For lightning and colors, excellent software DXO Optics Pro Starter

To stitch panoramas, excellent and french (thanks to Alexandre and his team) AutoPano Pro : automatic detection, color/luminosity harmonisation, rendering with "smartblend"

For picture modification, top level software (try Adobe Photoshop CS5) also the free and french XnView

To show panoramas, waiting for a good and free Flash object: Applet Java without installing any plugin except the must-have Sun Java Runtime JRE :

+ Panorado/SimpleSoftware applet : plannar & spherical projection, partial spherical but horizon in middle of picture, accept javascripting

+ PurePlayer for Java applet : cylindrical & spherical projection, unusable for plannar, flexible for partial but need background/borders same as page background, Pro version accept powerfull javascripting but heavy stuff

Finally for slide show, Flash object for the must-have Flash Player :

+ viewing with SlideShowPro album management, customized by Adobe Flash

+ album and pictures list created with XML4SSP

That's my array of tools...  And if you like panoramas:

Autopano Group at

Gallery at         Gallery at

Gallery at         Long list of links (in french)

Superb panoramic pictures of Paris (Arnaud Frich)

German Panoramas Large screen, try 'cinemascope'

Student in programming (in french), quite strong ! Curious mixt of panorama & video under Flash

If Quicktime Player is installed on your system:

360 Views of Paris         Panorama on Mars planet

Many QTVR from worldwide, inc. Appolo moon landing

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